Googling A Date - Dating Prep

I was recently listening to the radio and they were talking about dating etiquette.  Apparently there is a report out that says googling your date after or before date 1, is considered creepy.....what?? Why would you wait so long to google?

My friend is a master googler. All you need to give her is a first name and maybe a fact about them and she will be able to find out their second grade's first quarter spelling test grade.  Seriously, she should work for the FBI.

While I am nowhere near the expert my friend is, I still do a quick search on people I date, or for that matter even just am meeting with. I don't see how waiting after date 2 or 3 to google someone makes a difference. I wouldn't be creeped out by any means if someone told me they searched me before a date.

You can learn a lot about people from a quick search. My friend found out a guy she was going to go out with was actually married. Another  time she found out a guy may or may not have been involved in a prostitution bust...I think she needs to find somewhere else to meet guys.

Moral of the story - google on, my friends!