Invitation Paper Types Defined to see more invitations! to see more invitations!

Deckle Edge - An uneven, feathery edge on a piece of paper is called a deckle edge.  This edge is most commonly found on parchment invitations; however, other papers may also have deckle edges.

Layers - This term indicates layers of paper tied or glued together.  If the top layer is translucent and the lower is decorative paper, you'll see a muted version of the lower layer through the translucent top.

Panel - A panel is the center section of your invitation "framed" by a raised area of paper.  It also refers to pages facing each other.  For example, a tri-fold invitation when opened fully, has a left, middle and right panel.

Parchment - This translucent paper is made to look like original parchment.  This distinctive paper adds a softening effect to any invitation.

Vellum - Vellum is a paper with a rich, smooth finish.