Big O'Neil Announcement! New Services Added!

O’Neil Events always strives to make the planning process as effortless as possible.  With that in mind, we have partnered with Carlson Craft to bring you Invitations and Stationary as well as an Online Store!

Our invitations are of high quality while still remaining affordable. They range from traditional invitations, to contemporary invitations, to invitations of the latest trends. We can help you find the right stationary for all of your event needs.  The invitation is the first experience your guest will have of your event, and we help ensure you are conveying the right experience.  Our invitation process ensures that your personalized invitation is a reflection of your event message.  

Click here to learn more about our invitation and the invitation process.

O’Neil Events is also reveling its online store! We understand this is a 24/7 consumer world we live in and we are keeping up with the times for you! It is the details that create an unforgettable story for your event.  The online store will offer all of the details you will need to make your event stand out and memorable.  At the store you will find high quality, affordable, personalized accessories.  

Check out our store here!