Wedding Toast Tips

As a wedding planner, I have certainly seen and heard my fair share of toasts. Here are a few tips from the best and worst toasts:

1. Don't start with "Hi, I'm Amy and I'm the Bride's sister/best friend." Duh, if you are the bride's sister and or best friend, chances are you know most everyone in that room. If you feel like you don't know the room, think of a different way to "introduce" yourself.

2. Don't try and be funny- especially if you aren't. There is nothing more awkward than listening to a toast that is supposed to be funny and it is just not. I get it, you think you're funny. I typically think I'm 100% funnier than how people perceive me. A toast is not the place to try out your latest jokes or stories.

3. Don't over share.  I once witnessed a toast where the best man revealed to the room that the bride and groom had been living together...and that was not meant to be public knowledge.

4.Get others involved.  One of the more creative toasts I saw was when the best man got the band involved and played different music clips. You can always get other wedding guest involved. Be creative!

5. Speak from the heart! This is a really special day for the couple. Be sure to respect that and hopefully add a good memory for them.