Wedding Dress Trends of the last Century

1920- The trend was short in front with a long train in the back. Coco Chanel made a dress like this in while which cemented the traditional wedding dress to be white.

1930- During the depression a bride would wear a white dress then dye it a practical color after the wedding.

1940- A full skirted Victorian Era long dress was all the trend.

1950- The trend was a ballerina dress with removable jacket bodice.

1960- Veils became more bouffant and high wasted skirts became popular.

1970- Extravagant sleeves became popular during this decade... seemed to carry over to the 80's as well!

1980- Full skirts gathered to the waist with big sleeves and embellishments. The bigger the better (including hair)!

...start making history!

Many of the trends where a mix of what was practical, what the designers were creating, and what royalty was getting married in!