Around the Clock Bridal Shower

Theme- Around the Clock Bridal Shower

Tired of the usual tea luncheon shower? Shake it up by doing a themed shower; such as  an Around the Clock Shower. To do this you need to mail the guests a different time of day and explanation of the theme.

Everyone will get sent a different time of day on a piece of paper and their bridal shower gift will correspond with that time. This can be practical or funny the options are endless. If the bride loves to make late night snacks at 12:00 am get her a quesadilla maker or if on her 12:00 pm lunch break a lunch tote is a great gift.

I always look forward to the desserts at showers!

More suggestions

Morning- Coffee pot and mugs, quiche dish, pancake molds, waffle maker

Afternoon- lunch box, tea pot,coffee thermos, panini press

Evening-Wine/margarita glasses , pots and pans, dishes

Night-Brownie pan, baking dishes, lingerie, new sheets and pillows